ThisĀ listed building is nearly 250 YO and the glass signage dates from around 1906 so it was an honour and a challenge to sympathetically restore it after some significant damage. Thankfully most of the water gilding survived so after stripping the damage, deep cleaning and a series of colour tests I reinstated the line work and enamel backing. The incised letters were also repaired with epoxy, refreshed and reinstated. Some odd inconsistencies in fabrication but it's done well to survive so long and it was interesting to dissect the various panel replacements. One of the curved pieces was actually polycarbonate! It was a pain to clean without scratching but obviously easier to flip than 3m lengths of 8mm glass! I suspect the original was made by S.Haskins & Bros who were based across the road in the early 1900's and did similar work around London but found no makers mark. Next up sorting out the framework, repairing the lead flashing and masonry before fitting the jigsaw back together!!! šŸ¤“

/ Music on vid is an edit of OMA doing C.R.E.A.M /

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